Digitization Services

The Environmental Design Archives provides digitization services for a fee. Researchers should consult the staff for current prices and estimates of turnaround time. The Archives provides these services on a prepaid basis only and reserves the right to refuse reproduction of its materials due to their physical condition, donor limitations, or legal requirements. 

The Environmental Design Archives delivers digital images to patrons in three primary formats. (Remember the Archives does not offer printing services, only delivers digital image files).

  • Reference images are intended for informational purposes and should be viewed on a computer screen. We deliver reference images to fit 11in by 17in or smaller, 150 dpi, PDF files. 
    • Best for historians, students, and homeowners.
    • Suitable for printing on home printers, but the reduction in size from large documents will reduce detail and contrast. Many archival documents are faint to begin with and will not reproduce well on home printers and/or copy paper.
    • Only delivered with the understanding that commercial use or distribution is not allowed.
  • Publication images are intended for reproduction (printing) in a book, journal, or online article. We deliver publication images to fit 8 ½in by 11in, 300 dpi, TIFF files, or to the size specified by your publication contract. 
    • Best for authors and historians
    • Only delivered upon receipt of the EDA’s use agreement.
  • Reproduction images are intended to be printed at “life size” matching the archival document. We deliver reproduction images as scaled to the original document, at 300 dpi.
    • Best for architects or designers, exhibition printing, and users needing scale reproductions of documents.
    • Need to be printed by a commercial printer on a large format printer; they are not suitable for printing on home or office printers.
    • The Environmental Design Archives makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of the size and scale of reproduced archival documents. While every attempt is made to size our photographic reproductions accurately, the age and condition of archival documents as well as the inability for the archives to control the editing of image files once they leave our hands prevents us from making any guarantees to their accuracy.

Prior to requesting any digitization services, the Image Delivery Form must be completed and signed to ensure we provide the best possible serivce to researchers. Click here to access form.

Once the form has been completed and signed, send it as an attachment to designarchives@berkeley.edu along with a detailed email outlining which digital images you are interested in obtaining.