Eckbo and the Denver Botanic Gardens

Posted on by Christina Marino

In the late 1960s Eckbo, Dean, Austin & William proposed that the Denver Botanic Gardens take the "logical progression from pure scientific usage to pleasing display in the arrangement of its general collection." They strived to create a space that would allow homeowners to see new plant combinations that they could try in their own gardens. In the spring of 2015, EDA Archivist's Emily and Chris were lucky to visit the Bontanic Gardens while in Denver for an Archives conference.The gardens have a heiarchy of meandering paths, wonderful water features and lakes, and a spectacular conservatory made of cast concrete.

Here are some gems from the Eckbo collection and some photographs we took during our visit. Enjoy!

Eckbo, Dean, Austin & William 1969 plan.

What the Denver Botanic Garden's look like today.