Lyndon, Donlyn

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Donlyn Lyndon (1936-)


Donlyn Lyndon is an architect, author, and educator. Lyndon holds an A.B. in Architecture as well as a M.F. A. in Architecture from Princeton University. His architectural practice, initially as a partner in MLTW, Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker, includes a continuing series of works at The Sea Ranch in Sonoma County where MLTW’s Condominium One is now on the National Register of Historic Places and he leads the Commons Landscape Committee. His urban design practice with colleagues has included plans for Amherst, MA, Pasadena, CA, Menlo Park and Berkeley, CA, including the Bayer Bio tech campus and the Downtown Public Improvements Master Plan for Berkeley. 



Lyndon served as Head of the Department of Architecture at the University of Oregon and then Head at MIT where he was Professor of Architecture for 11 years, He also conducted practice as the principal of Lyndon Associates in Cambridge, MA before returning to teach at UC Berkeley in 1976. At Berkeley, Lyndon served a term as Department Chair, was a founding member of the Graduate Group for the Design of Urban Places, a Chancellors Professor and as the first Eva Li Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, now Emeritus. Research and writing  activity includes examination of the structure of place and the ways in which architecture intersects with the lives of people and the sites of which it becomes a part, He also served on the Board of The International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design, based in Italy. The founding editor of PLACES, a journal of environmental design, and for nine years the director of The Mayors Institute for City Design; West, Lyndon has authored four books and many articles.

The Donlyn Lyndon Collection consists of records, drawings, photographs, and papers. Notable projects include: comercial, recreational and residential projects for The Sea Ranch and Pasadena Centennial Square.